wedding suit

Why Consider Online Wedding Suit Hire?

Weddings are far from cheap, with almost every aspect of the special event costing a fair amount of money, from the catering to the attire. There are various ways to save money when planning a wedding, and an increasingly popular method is hiring the suit of the groom and possibly groomsmen. 

Wedding Swing Band

Swinging through: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Swing Band

So, you have an event coming up soon and you are looking for live entertainment that can turn a good function into a great one. It’s tough trying to decide on the perfect band that will be enjoyed by everyone and very often, all you have to go on when booking them is word of mouth that their act is…

wedding catering

Questions you need to ask when booking wedding catering

Your wedding celebration is one of those days that will remain in your memory forever – and dishes that are served during the reception are often second most important part of the event, right after the newly-weds. Before committing to any catering company, be sure you are content with what their…

Wedding car hire - White Rolls Yoyce

Wedding cars past and present

Getting married is one of the best days in a persons life, but how do you get there? That moment when the bride arrives, can be the most exciting part of her day. So most brides like to show up in style. As a result most brides go to wedding car hire company to give her this elegance she craves, in…

Hatton Garden engagement ring

Why Hatton Garden are the best for Diamond Engagement Rings

When it comes to purchasing diamond engagement rings, there is no better place in the UK to head than London’s Hatton Garden. It is packed to the brim with engagement ring specialists. In fact, this location is so fantastic, people head here from all over the world to pick up engagement rings.…

Exercising before the wedding day

5 Ways To Quickly Get You In Shape Before Your Wedding Day

If you want to look as sleek and sexy as possible in your wedding gown, you should know that there are five great ways to get fit fast. Once you've discovered these tips, you'll be able to make good progress over the short term and feel more confident while you're a blushing bride. Our tips are…

Live music on a wedding day

Why a Wedding is so Much Better with Live Music

Weddings are basically a part of life, which is as old as humanity itself. Your wedding day is a celebration of you and your partner, a way of expressing your love for each other. An entire event organized for the pair of you. In order for your vision for your wedding day to become a reality, your…

Unplugged weding parody film from SLF weddings

This viral wedding parody video carries an important message!

Everyone is a photographer these days thanks to advanced technology and everyone has a camera in their pocket (unfortunately?). There has been many posts already about unplugged weddings but these guys from SLF weddings just nailed it with this parody video. 'Unplugged' is a short film showing what…